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The five elements makes the revelation that turns pair of group construction
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Doctrine of the five elements regards China as one of civilized foundations, there already was account of proclaimed in writing early in Xia Chao, deep is far flow long. Mutual promotion and restraint between the five elements of the five elements of the ancients general, overcome what unripe immanent connection says to be the five elements to make change, become one of origin of Chinese philosophy. The five elements is made change as admirable traditional culture, to today's industry group construction also has enlightenment very much. Make with good the five elements change can build efficient the group of low cost, I talk about the individual's superficial view at this point, fallacious place, look at point out mistakes so that they can be corrected of not stint of a man of insight.

We know the five elements namely earth of golden wood extreme misery. Alleged gold unboiled water, aquatic wood, wood makes a fire, igneous immature soil, autochthonal gold, this calls photograph of the five elements to be born. Jin Kemu, wood captures land, earth overcomes water, shui Kehuo, fire overcomes gold, this calls photograph of the five elements the gram. Earth of golden wood extreme misery is not 5 kinds of material, however the sex of 5 kinds of heart that place of everythings on earth of all things between the universe has. Our China philosophy pays attention to day person induction, day person syncretic. The five elements becomes the person's disposition namely after anthropomorphize. Between life scope of operation, view of according to Buddhist, as a result of respective industry strength different, the disposition that brings about everybody is different also. Although everybody has his individual nature, but everybody the person highlight dominant of disposition, we can use the five elements of earth of golden wood extreme misery to match. Doctrine of the five elements is very complex, the 5 feeling that represent from place of the five elements here talk about the action that its build to the group with 5 heart.

The 5 mutual affection that place of the five elements represents are not: Wooden watch is angry, igneous watch is fond of, earthy watch is thought of, gold expresses Bei, water meter fears. The 5 heart that place of the five elements represents are respectively: Mu Biaoren, fire expresses a ceremony, earth expresses a letter, gold is expressed justice, water meter wisdom. We knew these common sense, how should use it in industry group construction to go? I talk simply. The linchpin that the group builds is the group that should build the group a rich vitality. Such group should have consciousness, a kind of underlying strength is driving it ceaselessly ego is optimized, this kind of force makes what in changing, come from the five elements namely. How to undertake to employee the five elements is made change? Above all we should understand, the five elements makes the end that change depend on using the most logical way to combine group member collocation, between member of diplomatic corps team mutual promotion and restraint between the five elements, produce the power with constant in a steady stream thereby, die out of all undesirable element disappear. Tell with common saying, it is we should make employee makes a whole, each part of this whole is the most advantageous to other part, whole has high fighting capacity, at the same time can in time acclimatization, lineup of ceaseless and quick change. The five elements is made change even if want a group this blast to had decorated.
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