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[Beijing] 15 culture institution turns look forward to changes make
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Beijing culture bureau added up to 2006 orgnaization of cancel career work out 15. The reform project that Beijing show company, Beijing turns the institution such as theatrical company of art of puppet of communication company, China and Chinese acrobatics team to foreign language, become city culture bureau to develop the breach of the first year of an era or the reign of an emperor of culture originality industry in Beijing.
According to " Beijing business signs up for " the viewpoint of chief of bureau of cite city culture thought on January 15, "Institution of management sex culture through turning look forward to changes make, removed of original system manacle, integrated advantage resource, the culture product that fashioned rich vigor produces management mechanism, culture productivity gets releasing, manufacturing actual strength and development dimensions expand ceaselessly. Manufacturing actual strength and development dimensions expand ceaselessly..
Respect of Beijing culture bureau introduces, beijing show company and Beijing change communication company to part to foreign language management limited company of as state-owned as Beijing property executes asset to recombine, turn make to be accused by state-owned capital show company. Theatrical company of Chinese puppet art turns look forward to changes make for civilian battalion capital accuses artistic courtyard is round. Of Chinese acrobatics team change make adopt minute of pace to advance, the way that registers in installment, invest limited company to establish limited company of Chinese acrobatics team jointly with Chinese silver-colored peaceful first.
Incorporating, delimit turn, respect of cancel institution work out, city culture bureau finished art of puppet of Beijing show company, China troupe, Beijing changes communication company and Chinese acrobatics team to foreign language of 4 units turn look forward to changes make, amalgamative, delimit turn, sound of art of company of cancel music weekly, culture resembles a publishing house, station of veteran cadre activity, will wide weave with 11 institutions such as lucky theater and theater, Xidan theater. In the meantime, the in-house mechanism that 2006 city culture bureau still drives the unit such as library of courtyard of Beijing Beijing opera, capital is reformed, cut management department 7 by 12 of in the past.

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