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Why does employee respect property not quite
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Only the Chinese employee of 8% is thought to have Gao Jing course of study to spend, and be willing make more contribution to be in an enterprise. In the meantime, the stuff that has 25% fully is thought to respect course of study to spend very low, and in the company that this group of 60% plans of philtrum leave in place to allow, because of them unlikely again elsewhere finds better position. This is to sheath or bow case farsighted advisory company's newest global manpower resource manages survey result, sheath or bow case farsighted seeking advice is a global professional service company.

The Chinese business that increases company outstanding achievement to those yearn for incentive employee and coming with this will tell, such survey result makes a person vexed really. Also indicated clear double challenge at the same time: How to do ability to be in quite repulsive those outstanding achievement not what beautiful endangers company performance possibly is low respect while course of study spends employee, raise those to develop a target to realize those who make outstanding stuff of contribution to respect industry rate to the enterprise further.

The expectation value of the different period employee of career of on-the-job course of study is not same also

Sheath or bow case farsighted the element that investigation discovered it is more important to bring about a when personnel administration complexity rises, be in namely the different period of professional career, the thing that employee expects to be obtained from inside the enterprise is different. Attract them to arrive at first the element of working station and let them stay and a person's mind of their whole body throws drive the job, element that carries high performance from beginning to end is different. If say to once existed " one party treats 100 disease " personnel administration method, compete in the market intense with each passing day today, it will no longer applicable.

The main challenge that current employer faces depends on, how to understand employee to form the main influencing factor of good relationship in different level and enterprise well, and how efficient palm accuses these elements to be in in order to satisfy employee the diverse demand in level of different profession career.

For instance, if an enterprise pays close attention to staff invite applications for a job very much, so the study that it should stress oneself and development opportunity and competitive base pay; And if an enterprise pays close attention to more,withhold at employee, so the choose and employ persons that it emphasizes itself should morely is decision-making process and the leader color that have affinity more.

It is the main obstacle of tarry employee to leader and working environment dissatisfaction

The result of survey makes clear, of the staff leadership to them and integral work environment dissatisfactory, it is current the mainest obstacle of tarry employee.
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