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[Inner Mongolia] flow to passageway of green of basic level open up for the tale
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Hall of human affairs of Nei Monggol Autonomous Region is right 2006 investigation of case of construction of team of talent of basic level of rural a pasturing area shows, from look on the whole, team of talent of Inner Mongolia basic level still exists gross inadequacy, distributing the problem such as inadequacy of unreasonable, professional shortage, aftereffect, ceaseless prediction of a person's luck in a given year. Be aimed at these problems, a lot of areas use the means of government and market combined action, flow to basic level open up for the talent green passageway.
The pilot area that system of the member that Inner Mongolia regards science and technology as specially appointed popularizes, they adopt governmental guiding, model to set an example, the method such as drive of two-way choice, interest pushs the work. Specially appointed of science and technology member gold of as a way of becomes a shareholder, the form such as service of technical share, intermediary and farming herdsman masses, professional large family and bibcock enterprise form economic interest community, execute a risk to be carried in all, the mechanism that the interest shares, the member that whole area issues specially appointed of clique science and technology in all 2684 people, new technology of accumulative total promotion, new breed 568, directive, groom farming herdsman 1.13 million person-time, make a few farming average amplitude amounts to herdsman income 20% above. In the meantime, specially appointed of a lot of science and technology member income also had rise.
Attract graduate of old technical secondary school to give new device repeatedly to each district of basic level job. E Er is much this banner of Er of town accurate square is right volunteer the old technical secondary school that works to the country is graduate, the government offers everybody every months 350 yuan subsidy, successive allowance 3 years, affirmatory later in the banner no matter have the invite applications for a job of any forms preferential recruit; Xi Lin Guo straps alliance too banner of fall forward temple works to pursueing rural a pasturing area " Lin Mu water " graduate of old technical secondary school drifts pay of one degree job, and a when be engaged in job of basic level of rural a pasturing area regarding a cadre as choose and rising post serious content.
Combinative country a pasturing area is practical technical qualified personnel is more and more welcome actual, bureau of occurrences in human life of bare peak town and bureau of human affairs of peaceful city county introduce farmer technician Dong Kexing from Shandong high pay jointly, through effort of a year, the vegetable that his guidance grows is average every 0.7 mus of big canopy of the left and right sides compare the past year add receive 10 thousand yuan of above, be in peaceful city county, loose Zun Qi of a mountainous area, Bahrain grooms early or late 2000 much person-time.
Attract the circumstance with insufficient condition of talent of high administrative levels in the light of basic level, xi Lin Guo straps alliance to set Huang Qi to adopt flexible the strategy that makes gift, 42 8 sets yellow flag record doctors with outer study, job, Masters and study abroad in Japan, many 400 of the job outstanding talent established close tie. These are flexible the talent is in the high administrative levels of reserve to contact a project to set Huang Qi, introduce admirable cultivate to plant from abroad, connection capital, increase equipment to wait rose " senior staff officer " action.
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