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[Heibei] exert oneself makes the talent that face harbor collect an area
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The Heibei that held on January 22 saves human affairs to weave working conference puts forward, will implement spirit of conference of director of office of countrywide human affairs seriously 2007, aggrandizement human affairs is public service, found a talent to collect carrier, bring up team of innovation of high administrative levels talent, offer talent intelligence to support to build coastal economy society to develop strong province.
2007, heibei province makes the focal point the talent that face harbor collect an area, to suit " build coastal economy apophysis to take " requirement, set an example in pasture of Cao the wife of a prince island of emperor of new developed area of Bohai Sea of city of area of area, Beijing Tang Gang, dark blue, the Qin Dynasty faces harbor economy area to build the talent that is dominant in order to introduce a talent serves a system, increase high to what introduce administrative levels to the talent is aided financially and reward strength. Adopt preferential with special talent policy, be fostered energetically and the iron and steel that assemble faces harbor economy progress to be badly in need of, new and high technology, equipment is made, petro-chemical, modern other people sheds ability waiting for a person, offer an expert to seek advice from a service, graduate student of place of courtyard of key university, scientific research is built to carry out base in port area.
In the meantime, this province continues to carry out get a soldier to just develop a plan, research is made get a soldier to just develop executive opinion, perfect get a soldier ability choose, education, use, promotive policy. In economy construction, society develops key field, foster what choose has own innovation capacity one batch to get a soldier just. Fulfil talent of Beijing ferry look forward to to develop cooperative agreement, advance talent flow, talent to groom, hold job seniority each other admits, the collaboration of each respect such as talent market, realize form a complete set of regular and unified, policy, resource to share hard, market be well versed in. Outside building the of great capacity, the person just comes look forward to to develop platform, add take by the button to learn area of personnel poineering garden and agriculture to bring wisdom construction of base of achievement demonstrative promotion, talent of high administrative levels hopes outside An Juhai poineering development.

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