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"Exciting " of the salesperson " 3 great consummate skill "
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Be in charge of good salesperson to have close relationship with 3 respects normally, include: Leader, incentive policy, system, will look with respect to importance, incentive policy by accepted the most important step that is exciting salesperson, numerous company has the incentive system with very tight oneself, these systems come out in the summary in long-term market practice, having extremely high economic value. But analyse through dogging for a long time, we discover such phenomenon, the incentive policy of a lot of enterprises cannot say not rigorous, but his effect is not very good, among them a lot of more seem an interest to make judge tool, and the tool that does not seem drive. And those look be like pallet, the incentive kind that lacks a system, showed extremely strong vitality instead. Compare discovery through relapsing, those can have the incentive kind of action truly, anticipate in incentive form, internal composition and achievement tripartite face has extremely strong similar sex.

   Exciting " form " than " content " important

This is a topic that deserves research very much, in fact the scientific sex that the incentive means of every enterprise ought to have oneself, incentive foundation is target performance assessment, performance of so called target is assessed, spoken parts in an opera is enterprise and salesperson collective establish target, the condition that completes according to the target next cashs award. But this cashed means can be there's something behind all this can be done, of most enterprise cash means is to be by the month or quarterly end, undertake assessment to the salesperson's performance, make deduct a percentage from a sum of money the account of corresponding personnel directly next, report sale outstanding achievement to calculate next come to an end; A little a bit more advanced company plus commend, the content such as performance interview, but often namely is make a gesture to give the impression of doing sth, truly right the salesperson's drive and lash how much doesn't action have.

The hour that we discover to the salesperson's drive is sending money is the most effective, how to use this time to use drive sufficient what show is very important. Once had a such companies, cash in what give a salesperson deduct a percentage from a sum of money when often be the form that uses ready money, when beginning, I am not very understand, but feel absorbing through discussing. This enterprise also is the card that makes deduct a percentage from a sum of money the individual previously in, but accidental opportunity, as a result of the systematic issue of the bank, they were used extend the form of cash, that is a very unforgettable setting: Very much salesperson is queueing up to get bonus, everybody is counting money, the monograph when several money and contented be in overtones, RMB clang clang sows the heart that using each person, achievement feeling is counting the points to the little in seaming accumulation of money, the personnel happy event of the task that finish is not self-restrained, the envy that did not finish the job and envy, anyhow, the crowd of clamorous, became a royal compare notes to meet simply.
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