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Development country fact is aided with the talent push new rural area to build
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Building socialistic new rural area is to be mixed currently henceforth a period task of a of each areas major strategy, regard governmental human affairs as the branch, answer to order working put forth effort to development of resource of rural person with ability to tilt, education and assemble large quantities of one characteristic, specialty with get right on the job model qualified personnel of rural practical technology, lead rural population quality rise, go the person with ability is strong farming, promote farming, the road of kulak, make safeguard with the talent, aid those who postpone construction of new rural area to begin.
Increase talent gross, executive country fact grooms with the talent project
Current, team of qualified personnel of rural practical technology already had certain dimensions, compare with photograph of rural population gross, amount uneven, quality returns level of insufficient still, technology remain to rise further, for this, should the need around progress of rural characteristic economy and market, with grooming qualified personnel of rural practical technology attachs most importance to a dot, promote a farmer quality in the round.
It is the rural youth of above of record of formal schooling of choose high school, rely on local institution of higher learing, the form that takes associated education entrusts education a batch of science and technology agrotechnical excellent talent, guide agriculture to be depended on by traditional land model depend on to science and technology model change, stimulative grain increase production, farmer is added close.
2 it is natural resources of education of farther integrated profession, act on what be short of to fill the principle of what, the adjustment that has specific aim is professional setting, the key opens flowers to help advance somebody's career, pasturage fishing breeds, spin the characteristic major such as printing and dyeing gently, foster a batch practical model farmer technology personnel, develop characteristic agriculture, promote the development of professional market and village of characteristic agriculture major.
3 it is the scale that designedly adjusts personnel of technology of major of place of experience farming station, develop farming family station, veterinary station adequately to wait for the action of place of experience farming station, in place extensive organization develops agriculture practical technology grooms class, use short-term groom, solve agrotechnical difficult problem in time.
4 it is to guide the leader of qualified personnel of rural practical technology that takes the lead in becoming rich to establish the technology of all trades and professions to serve a company energetically, seek advice through developing a technology, the expert grooms the new technology that the form such as lecture of class, popular science imparts to local farmer and popularizes science and technology to become rich and advanced experience, achieve development a batch of able person, drive one party common people, liven the purpose of an economy.
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