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Qingdao: 5 large window maintain a talent to serve a brand
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Because market of person with ability of ceaseless aggrandizement government is common,serve function, market of Qingdao city qualified personnel is in of each core business began a respect to obtain multinomial breakthrough, emerge in large numbers gives a lot of window.

Of market of aggrandizement government person with ability

Public service function

2006 is Qingdao city is carried out " the 222 project that make gift " the first year, also be job of talent of public human affairs carries Qingdao greatly fast a year.

Through be big company big project opens direct car talent to organize big company service, freely to go to outside the way such as invite applications for a job, two years the Communist Party of China is market of Qingdao city qualified personnel more than 200 (unit) in enterprise configuration senior talented person more than 5000, introduced one year 2006 only accord with " the 222 project that make gift " the talent amount of the requirement is compared " 15 " during broke up one time.

Mechanism institution talent sends a mechanism to get developing. Up to by 2006, they send eligible work for 78 city straight office diligent personnel 358 person.

Build college graduate and obtain employment of personnel of unemployment of come off sentry duty and service platform. Held invite applications for a job of graduate special performance to meet 2006 20 more than showing number, undergraduate of to apply for a job entering the arena 20 more than person, the public service function that makes talent market graduate to the college gets be strengtheninged further.

Promote allied materiality cooperation

Open network of Shandong peninsula talent

On November 1, 2006, the net of Shandong peninsula talent that organizes research and development by service center of communication of Qingdao city qualified personnel debuts formally, become Shandong peninsula city group a when talent alliance develops the history to go up new milepost.

Net of Shandong peninsula talent is by Qingdao city qualified personnel the center is sponsorred, lane of rich of Jinan, Yantai, Zi, Wei, power sea, east 7 cities qualified personnel communicates peninsula of Shandong of battalion, sunshine service center assist the government of a government that run website. Of the website debutted to strengthen Shandong peninsula city further group the talent is allied the collaboration between each member unit, stimulative Shandong peninsula the operation of market of talent of 8 cities each district, stimulative peninsula between 8 cities the talent's flow, enhanced Shandong peninsula area to be in talent competition ability of the whole nation, true implementation " single hand creation, do together big " target.

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