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[Nanjing] go back to the motherland to studying abroad Gao Caishi goes " stick e
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Learned from bureau of Nanjing town occurrences in human life recently, nanjing has been built conform with international, system of competitive firewood fulfil drive. Go back to the motherland in what place of courtyard of institution of higher learing, scientific research works high administrative levels studies abroad personnel, when determining pay first, decide 2-3 high functionary pay class, give additionally still every months quite its salary the post of 5 times (post) subsidiary.

According to this system, go back to the motherland in what state-owned and large company works high administrative levels studies abroad the talent's salary and allowance, reference is in China foreign capital enterprise is congener the salary standard of personnel, talk things over affirmatory. Give a technology to make over, achievement is changed, patent invention, have a technology only study abroad personnel is expensive proportional award and deduct a percentage from a sum of money. Build study abroad assessment of personnel qualification assess, title relaxes system, high administrative levels studies abroad returnee but bypass the immediate leadership attends professional technical position to hold a post qualificatory evaluation, avoid try foreign language and computer, the answers relatively with home technical position that acquires in abroad to its or professional qualification give directly affirm register. In addition, nanjing city still begins biennially study abroad personnel highlights contribution to choose an activity.

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