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[Heilongjiang] 5 measure push human affairs talented person public service
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Implement spirit of conference of director of office of countrywide human affairs to carry out, hall of Heilongjiang province human affairs held special meeting a few days ago construction of system of public to pushing human affairs talented person further service makes deploy. The reporter learns from the meeting, outside dividing experience secret information, should save content of 16 kinds of 68 human affairs services to already was made public entirely; Each city (the ground) and the branch of prefectural class human affairs of 50% above all builds a website, realize interconnection, business to be dealt with in coordination with hall of province human affairs. 2007, on the foundation that this province will weave in human affairs public service hall and network serve a system, exert oneself standard examines and approve item, expand open and transparent, extend a service domain, strengthen informatization construction and system construction, push human affairs talented person in the round construction of public service system.
According to introducing, begin from 2005, heilongjiang undertook clearing to human affairs function and policy code. Now, administration of hall of province human affairs examines and approve item to be decreased by 35 of in the past it is 13. Will be in dispersedly mechanism everywhere the examination of room and each institution, license and rise centrally to social service function, execute " one single entry " accept, " one-stop " service. Current, each city (the ground) the legal basis that examining and approve a project to administrative license project and administration and solid almsgiver body, undertake clearing in the round again, cancel not to accord with administration to allow the permissive project that code decides stoutly, can of transfer to a lower level as far as possible transfer to a lower level.
This province already will divide all human affairs outside information of experience close content to serve content to be made public to the society entirely, include title assess, cadre to allocate, wages material benefits, army turn find a place for wait for main item. Hall of province human affairs expresses, current, want to enlarge open limits further, pay close attention to people most, the heat issue with the strongest report, want to adopt a variety of forms, enlarge diaphaneity. Those who had stressed the publicity of system of the choose and employ persons that pick a person and policy of heavy adult matter is decision-making and open. Doing good officeholder to admit by examination publicly further system at the same time, build perfect institution to make public invite applications for a job each system.
Admit need according to the society, visit human affairs office nearly two years timely rolled out card of contract ancient bronze mirror, controversy arbitral, interactive groom, a batch of new services such as cooperation of outstanding achievement assess, talent. Next, human affairs branch will be being built " Hadaqi " industrial corridor, accelerate economy of region of county of construction of new rural area, development to wait great and decision-making fulfil on, produce good function effect active and actively, be abounded ceaselessly and enrich human affairs talent the content of public service, talented person of organization of blame general economy, own choose army of course of study turns talent, country practical person with ability, social flow person with ability bring into service limits. Want to take servive routine of college graduate obtain employment seriously especially, offer obtain employment policy actively to seek advice, post demand news, vocational guidance, obtain employment grooms wait for a service.
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