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MBA interview is directive: Zong of backbone of uglying key of of awake Gou sh
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The manpower resource chief inspector that the interview of Tsinghua MBA takes an examination of an official to come from an enterprise together by teacher of college of be in charge of, senior administrator or it is advanced and advisory collective composition. Interview basically inspects examinee to whether be had the quality that assiduously studies MBA and go qualitative. 3 meetings taking an examination of an official in interview process make component for examinee respectively, grading teachs experience of setting, work and integrated quality to wait according to what include candidate for an entrance examination. The interview result with final examinee should be to take an examination of what government-owned place gives a mark to increase advantageous position average.

Educational setting includes undergraduate course to be in a school, university achievement. This is the fact with unalterable examinee, no matter you are so,be graduated from a kind of school of domestic or other consequently, no matter the achievement when the university is outstanding poorer still, do not think more again.

Working experience is pay attention to particularly in interview on one hand. Good working experience can add your self-confidence, rich administrative experience also can reflect you adequately to agree with the condition that assiduously studies MBA and quality, but at every turn is not had absolutely. You did not manage even if experience, also do not have good working experience, still the opportunity wins the affirmation that takes an examination of an official. The government that you want that that is to say to show your place adequately to have goes qualitative, be like human communication ability, the ability with harmonious job, the ability that is goot at affecting other to lead other is waited a moment. In the classmate that I was in a class to go up last year, have pure technology personnel already, have English teacher again, also have an interpreter, they are likewise outstanding also. The practical government that you can pass you is taken for experience take an examination of an official, or it is to show your management to go qualitative, otherwise, you are about to consider your to whether suit to assiduously study MBA.

The integrated quality of refer examinee, judge the moral quality that the standard is examinee first and foremost. An interview professor that comes from institute of be in charge of speaks of, regard the profession in the future as handler, honest, be as good as one's word is the basiccest principle. So examinee must reflect his true condition according to the facts in interview process. If examinee shows an any false behaviour in interview process, if resume is the same as the content of allegation to cannot agree, or the around that is allegation has contradiction to wait, so he carries interview unlikely.

Next, the viewpoint of value of examinee and the manner to life are another field that research. Examinee should have tangible viewpoint of value, the clear point of view that should have oneself to the problem namely (be being made clear of course is not point out mistakes so that they can be corrected certainly truly, the cent that does not have pair of faults because of some ideas) , can give out the basis that supports this point of view. Active philosophy is attached most importance to especially should. Hopeful, enterprising, gritty it is the essential condition that regards a successful profession as handler. If you were full of to future confused or it is awe-stricken, how can you do the part of good controller to lead other again?
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