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From the trend the interview to Teng Xun is experienced
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Flash another year, the campus invite applications for a job this year shifts to an earlier date greatly, begin from September, we fill form to register resume on the net ceaselessly. Did not think of those who give to the opportunity of the first written examination remains trend science and technology, the content of the exam and form are the same as same last year, IQ inscribes a part even one word did not change. Because had the experience last year, so I feel I should meet those who have the opportunity of an interview. The interview announcement that is them only has wanted 3 weeks of two ability to give out, I joined a few other companies during, include oneself more yearning resurgence, China for, Tecent, still have power fill, Netease is waited a moment. The theme of that paragraph of day is bubble is on the net almost, fill form, hair resume. Be seized by a whim took an examination of the written examination of acute nimble network in those days, next telephone interview was dropped by my refus, go innocently originally Fuzhou, meaningless also waste each other time, at the same time I also want to prepare to be held in China labour the following day well power the written examination that contains an electron.

It is between the written examination that Beijing power is filled and Shenzhen power contains, I received the interview announcement of the trend. After hurrieding back from China labour, I begin to prepare to go the material of the interview of the trend, include a few materials of letter of Chinese and English resume, offer one's services, their company. I still want to adopt the strategy last year, the note oneself brings the level with revealing his and latent capacity. This I was wearing business suit leather shoes to reach the place of interview ahead of schedule, discover the unlined upper garment of bull-puncher of interview official dress that takes before me is recreational however pants, what gentle elephant just came out from the university is graduate. My the first reaction is, cannot reoccupy a that of last year. The course of interview is basic it is he asks, I answer, it is the problem about process designing respect, oneself answer commonly on the feeling, exclusive window is him what BUG has been come up against in asking me process designing is carried out, the BUG that I ask him others calculates do not calculate, he says " also calculate " , I oneself the about problem of Windows window repaint BUG that the research between pretty a long time spent to pass when National Day was told to him, he listens pretty is carefully. Come out at the same time I feel not quite suitable, the received 2 that evening announcement that thinks to end at this point, drive toward the hotel of interview again early in the morning the following day.

2 are 2 pairs one, two interview officer is very young also, wearing sportswear, among them one says to me at the beginning " the task that introduces your graduation design please " , I finish to what he says me set should issue semester to just undertake, next he just wakes up to reality come over what I just go up is big 4, not be a graduate student. This interview is much smoother, because did not have the animal farm that project experience, exercitation experiences to be restricted (my resume is right these also the word was not carried) , I can compare free play instead, bring the topic to advantageous to oneself respect.
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