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To apply for a job person: Promote oneself 4 big subtle move
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To apply for a job person seek the job, aspiration of put to good use, if unknown to public, although you are a horse that covers a thousand li a day that conceives stunt personally, often also die between groovy manager only. Of course, promote oneself, it is to fawn on anything but, fawn on. Want to be good at learning however, take an examination of frequently at thinking of, stress skill.

  One, resolved, with Rou Kegang

Everybody considers the person of to apply for a job with one action is successful, but below most circumstance, can not be like wish, the person that it is this to apply for a job is due the tenacity preparation that does not fear failure. Factory of an old electric equipment of Zhengzhou city is hired, before the technical secondary school gives birth to Chen Zhaoliang, go applying for, the request lets him what do to go casually. Director of human affairs department sees his figure is short, and record of formal schooling inferior, inconvenience says continuously, reply: "We do not lack a person now, cross a month to say again! " actually the family is one kind pleads. Did not think after January, chen Zhaoliang came really, the director is very embarrassed, plead this matter. Crossed Chen Zhaoliang a few days to look for him again, relapse a few times so, this director has some of be unable to stand, say: "Appearance of your this frowziness, how can you take a plant? " then he borrowed money to buy new clothes, and well neat, went again. The other side takes him to do not have method, but say again: "How don't you know electric equipment knowledge to go? " after missing two months, chen Zhaoliang came again, say: The electric equipment that I already learned 2 months is relevant knowledge, do you see me what respect is insufficient still? I fill certainly seriously! Look at this " flinch strong " he dye-in-the-wood, human affairs director must say: "I did work of invite applications for a job, head bout comes up against what apply for a job like you so, admire you to have so good patience and tenacity really. " thank heaven, he touched this director eventually, achieve what one wishes the ground took this plant.

2, converse thinking, "Ugly " in get victory

Miss Zheng is an outstanding student that management of institute of some finance and economics fastens, but, because appearance owes beautiful, interview always cannot pass to close when applying for a job.

Experienced the blow of the again and again, miss Zheng believes all help wanted scarcely, she decides to come actively to carry big company to promote his only. She walks into company of a cosmetic, the manager listens to her silently " skin selling the mouth " , she from " always fragrant " , " violet " the successful path respecting home that waits for foreign cosmetic company " elegant fragrant " , " Xia Fei " promote clever skill, kan Kan path comes, follow a rational line to do some work well, logistic careful. This manager is very excited, affectionately says: "Young lady, excuse me my speak bluntly, is cosmetic advertisement the advertisement of beauty greatly? ? ? The exterior is very important. " Miss Zheng none from feel ashamed, the look of manager of her prep against is bold take word: "Beauty can say this piece of face is the result of the cream that used you, ugly female the cream place that can say this piece of face is to did not use you comes, reach the same goal by different routes, don't you think latter is more brillant? " the manager wrote piece of scrip to hand she: "You go human affairs division signs up for to, do first promote, try out 3 your months. " the job that Miss Zheng values hard-earned very, in job of investment of ground of enthusiasm of have one's bosom filled with, a month comes down, outstanding achievement is outstanding, she the vise general manager that now already is this company. "In the market economically, one promotes even oneself the person that does not go out, others is to won't hire you to do promote. Each respect quality compares outstanding person, should learn to promote oneself more. Should learn to promote oneself more..
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