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18 interview should ban buccal topic
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To apply for a job person should avoid the following 18 topics:

1. Data of secret of sex of previous employer property right. Ought not to show not only, still can let interview official think your this individual is undeserved accredit.

2. Divorce recently " Jing Song " detail. Although everything is belonged to solid, mention this topic to be able to show your this individual is not quite careful.

3. Inner sexual distinction or racial prejudice. You think probably interview official and your have a common goal consequently particularize, actually such not less than are dig one's own grave, not concessional sexual distinction and the colour bar exist in duty field.

4. Political topic.

5. Religious topic.

6. Beloved star team or athlete. The likelihood that you like most is interview official most be fed up with, although light objects you by this very unreasonable sex, but also give no cause for more criticism.

7. Children or grandchildren arrive even self-dramatizing degree. Although there is oneself family to illuminate on interview official desk, in your pocket crowded into the circumstance that folds child picture not to accord with interview quite.

8. It is what interview official obtains something or some kind of special goods to offer. E.g. , "I can buy trade price for you " it is a fact probably, or those who changed a setting to be able to show you to need a person is cordial, but be in interview is antipathetic, and can appear you are boodling interview official.

9. Speak of you just moving the weather of some area that leave or traffic, or any clime characters, you criticize them be a nass of bruises. (the home town that you perhaps criticize interview official by chance, and interview Guan Youzheng feels opportunely the affection that conceives countryside. )

10. You detest maths, science or other and special course how, although apparently look have nothing to do with this position it seems that. (perhaps employee of happen to expectation is good at company officer class several manage. )

11. Silk is without beneficial to be abhorred at the individual of the future. E.g. , if you are unfortunate and inherent,you are mentioned a red hair, you can catch it into additionally one kind of color absolutely, and you perhaps can discover company president gave birth to the red hair like a blaze by chance. Of course, time keeping is very safe topic, for example says your this person is very punctual, the person that is late to old love feels very have a headache.

12. Complain interview official lets your kick one's heels, or you fill in working application form or accept type the room heat of exam must meet the dead that bake. What you think expression gives interview the official is your positive aspect, complain to be just the opposite to what one wished blindly.

13. Often raise VIP name number with carrying oneself social status. Citing says, your predecessor boss is an indoor stylist, you ever assisted her decorate the residence of some celebrity, the ostentation and extravagance of celebrity and manner are not worth your particularize. If you are friend with certain socialite really, leave a heart not to cause you boasting oneself impression.
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