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Appearing a student to enrage to apply for a job of undergraduate obtain employm
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When applying for a job how should dress up, what does need notice formal? These problems always are perplexing college graduate. At present, big job of to apply for a job of 4 students obtain employment has been started, to satisfy the undergraduate's requirement, a kind brand-new " graduate figure design grooms class " appear sadly in Jinan.

Yesterday, reporter from Jinan some advisory company understands, they since after will rolling out this service September, already groomed first phase student. According to introducing, graduate figure design grooms basically is outfit of the move when solving graduate to apply for a job, formal wait for a problem. Professional stylist is met design of intent of the color of skin according to every undergraduate, bodily form, to apply for a job is dressed up, teach a few to apply for a job formal. Groom the course of the class has two days only, tuition is everybody 380 yuan. The reporter contrasted the colour of other such as that this company rolls out grooms, the evening party is formal groom wait for a purpose to collect fees, the price on the low side that graduate figure designs.

Lady of this advisory company general manager summer tells a reporter, roll out this project, basically be to see pressure of graduate obtain employment is greater and greater, in process of to apply for a job also more and more " excelsior " . Colour is clad and tie-in and proper, harmonious, can give a person a kind of cheerful sense, promote one the individual's knowledge accomplishment thereby, invite applications for a job also just is met from move the professional breath of the person that mount experiences to apply for a job.

In the student when the school mostly a suit is recreational dress up, become when to apply for a job be at a loss, a suit solves major schoolboy problem, the schoolgirl is much more troublesome however. It is reported, the majority that comes round to seek advice from figure design to groom is a schoolgirl. "The dress is absent beautiful money how many, whether famous brand, the key should look to fit oneself figure and the position that apply for. " summerly lady says.

Xiaoliu is courtyard of literature of Shandong Normal University big 4 schoolgirls, already had attended her what apply for a few times to mention figure of to apply for a job to have feeling greatly: "Figure is crucial in the process of obtain employment, go every time I am interview wear what dress, make up to headache what kind of unceasingly. If know colour, tie-in concerned common sense, understand oneself suit the dress of what color, cloth, design, will benefit a lot. " Xiaoxu of some college woman student thinks, had what design in the light of graduate figure to groom socially natural and very good, but she hopes the school can be organized more a few actualer groom, such more be helpful for student learning. The Xiaohu that already graduated this year says, she is when obtain employment to apply for a job, ever faced the quandary of this respect, can search to seek advice relative to more fashionable classmate only however.
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