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With interview official " cover close to " 12 kinds of in interview advanced mis
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In interview of to apply for a job, without the person can guarantee against makes a mistake. It is clever to apply for a job only person it is mature to can amend wrong trend ceaselessly. There is some of mistake in interview however is a few quite clever to apply for a job however person also hard to avoid can make recommit, our authority says for advanced mistake. The author sums up resource of manpower of nearly 10 years of transnational corporation to manage working experience, 12 row adduce is common kinds " advanced " mistake, with reader compare notes.

One, do not be good at breaking silent

Interview in the begining, examinee is not good at " broken ice " (English metaphrase, break namely silent) , and await interview official to open word small box. In interview, examinee stems from a variety of apprehension again, do not wish to talk actively, the result makes interview appears awkward silence at an occasion. Even if can be broken constrainedly silent, speech dialect also extremely curt, make occasion more show awkwardness. Actually, no matter be interview before or in interview, interview person present his compliment actively with chat, can leave interview official enthusiasm and the good impression that are good at chatting with the person.

2, with interview official " cover close to "

The interview official that has certain and professional accomplishment is to abstain from cover with examinee close to, because the both sides in interview concerns,too informal or too nervous metropolis affects the judge of interview official. Beyond the mark " set close to " also can going up objectively cloggy examinee is inside short interview time, make the statement of very professional experience and skill. Clever examinee is OK exemple lift one have a root to the issue that seize will praise unit of invite applications for a job to two, show you to be opposite thereby the interest of this company.

3, control for bias or prejudice place

Occasionally, attend what what oneself understand before interview to concern interview officer, or the negative opinion of unit of this invite applications for a job can control the thinking in him interview. Think to look like cool interview by accident official or be severity or it is the person that correspondence tries dissatisfactory, because this is very nervous. Return some time, interview official is one looks younger than oneself a lot of young ladies, the whisper begins in the heart: "She how can qualified interview I? " actually, in interview of invite applications for a job this is planted in purchasing a concern specially, examinee serves as for square, the interview officer that needs to face different style actively namely client. A true member that sell is in when confronting a client, his manner cannot choose.

4, present one's views vehemently, do not lift however give example

When achievement of examinee prate individual, specialty, skill, once clever interview official asks in reply: "Can you cite 9 case? " examinee is answered dumbly. And interview official just thinks: The fact is excelled Demosthenic. In interview, examinee wants with its the so called communication ability, ability that solves a problem, group cooperates ability, leadership take a letter at the person, only citing.
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