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Duty field elder says interview experience
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"The star of prospective duty field " PK activity is polling in ground of like a raging fire at present sea choosing, the undergraduate jackarooes his experience " air " in the rich guest in oneself. And a few successful already decay are duty field elite " elder " also joined discuss, impart to learn younger brother to learn younger sister experience of to apply for a job.

   Interview should keep gentle state of mind

Institute of Zhejiang university computer He Ying of 2004 class Master will graduate this year in July, had regarded a software as the engineer now, join " Google China " the group that is in Beijing.

"If say what learn knowledge to place of on one phase to the exam of student times is only,examine, so the road of to apply for a job is new the challenge of one phase, but the most important in these two processes is gentle state of mind. I am not can hold such state of mind constantly, but very lucky in the interview process of Google I was accomplished, also benefit a lot accordingly. Also benefit a lot accordingly..

He Ying is recollected, go to Beijing to apply for a job has a lot of not successful: Got up at 6 o'clock in the morning go to the airport driving the interview that day afternoon; Cannot find interview place, in conventional time last seconds step company entrance door; When awaiting interview, because insufficient and morning Morpheus is drowsy... but she comforts herself all the time, interview process is met certainly successful.

When awaiting interview official, she says to there is an idea only in him heart: Do not take Offer to have nothing to do with, want to did not lose face to go greatly to short for Zhejiang Province only. Quiet mood makes her thinking is clear and active in interview process.

He Ying has engineering course of manage of institute of 4 years of Zhu Kezhen to mix class and experience of two years of Masters, having very strong base and very strong self-study capacity. Last to apply for a job is successful.

She gives in rich guest learn younger brother to learn younger sister people offerred a few proposals, "To apply for a job is a protracted battle, but also should avoid an isolated force to fight bravely, exchange information with the classmate more as far as possible, because suffer a defeat temporarily to lose heart,do not want, finding the company that suits oneself most and position just is ultimate goal " .

   Skill is only advanced 5 minutes of be successful

Xu Jianguo, informatics courtyard control fastens 2004 class Master, in 2005-2006 year in the course that apply for a job, he does not let off any opportunities, be born Bao Jie, by force (China) , the company such as the sources of energy of Ai Mo unripe network all gained interview opportunity, obtain 5 Offer, last lot makes an appointment with Shi Naide electric (China) branch of limited company Shanghai.

On January 8, 2005, of the tripartite agreement that submits him in the assembly room of branch of Shi Naide Shanghai from Xu Jianguo that rises momently, the apply for a job course of 3 months drew last a period of time satisfactory full stop. "Although already when separate 3 months, but that paragraph of day that apply for a job seems to happened yesterday, the mood with lose, happy, excited, various angst interweaves together, rise and fall along with the heart, make me painful and happy. Make me painful and happy..
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