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I am in officeholder interview Sha feather and return
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Have a job to had had some of long time, but want only,be to hear all round who is taken an examination of went up the officeholder of national ministries and commissions, my adored affection can arise spontaneously, "Really outstanding " , " really fierce " wait for complimentary word to take off a mouth a chain ofly to go out namely, so that colleague friend often laughs,I have the word " officeholder adores disease " .

"Adore " result from failure. I often tell the person beside blushingly, one I am officeholder exam is defeated will, and was to had entered written examination but be fallen into disuse to go out in interview of the bureau.

The word says to want in those days, when this person is a this year's graduates, also be complacent, holding in the arms " learn and actor criterion be an official " idea signs up take an exam with employ of national office officeholder in the center of attended that year.

Before signing up, in hearing of officeholder exam written examination " exam of administrative profession ability " very difficult, not be the knowledge that takes an examination of mechanical memorizing, check the capability of accumulate over a long period however, the school exam that is familiar with usually with us has substantially different, and the problem measures big, time to tighten, the person with right result of very much common study does not take passing fraction.

Hear this character, my where dare treat sth lightly. Though " exam of administrative profession ability " do not need to review for reference, but I still tried to look for problem of a few imitate to do, the bosom friend tells the other, 100 battle do not danger!

"Emperor day does not lose an observant and conscientious person " , my written examination achievement as expected pretty good, platoon of total in the examinee of that ministries and commissions that enter oneself for an examination cent is advanced 5, very fast, I received interview announcement. I at that time be elated, think oneself had had half foot to step into the gate of that ministries and commissions.

The likelihood is to was won to develop brains, I am very hopeful to coming interview. Before this, I had attended a few enterprise or business the interview of the unit, very relaxed: Take an examination of an official not to pass 3 people at most, it is chatting form mostly, some asks an individual the circumstance, some asks a few professional questions simply. I think at that time, the interview of officeholder is such nevertheless also, chat a little namely, read figure, style of conversation, can prepare without what.

Embracing such idea, before interview I did not make any preparation, even have not understands dozen of explore to the elder sister of division of senior fellow apprentice that has worked in that ministries and commissions the form of interview, with respect to go into battle of a suit of armour. Think now, that him moment resembles an a person with a very limited outlook really.
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