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The trap on road of female undergraduate to apply for a job and key
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Spring tide of annual college graduate to apply for a job is coming, in the process of to apply for a job, was full of a challenge, was full of hardships, there is no lack of even trap. The following graduate of this 2006 liberal art is young beautiful experience of to apply for a job, the undergraduates that may be the road that is about to set foot on to apply for a job are offerred a few draw lessons from

On road of to apply for a job, besides those who look so that see await, outside hesitation, angst, still have invisible trap and key. Although had gone to work in the new unit of Guangzhou 3 months, mention however the experience of to apply for a job when graduation, wuhan some college graduate of 2006 liberal art is young beautiful still feel very scared, the one act in the past is like nightmare, twine the heart in her in...

 Resign irresponsible " coolie " vivid

On November 20, 2005, I can exhibit a center to attend invite applications for a job to meet in Wuhan science and technology. Assembly room of whole invite applications for a job, my altogether sent triplet resume, include company of a network of Wuhan city, those who apply for is " the market is engineered " position. After two days, I received the interview announcement of this company.

When interview, company manager goes into action personally, verbal aggressive, I wholeheartedly, ad cool-headed and respondent. Problem of a few artful by me clever dissolved, favorable smile often is shown on his face. Interview is very congenial, we forgot as a result to take the time of lunch, a lady of ministry of successor power natural resources delivers a box the meal, manager and I just remember should eat lunch. First I of experience affairs of human life am mixed completely by character charm of the manager the capacious development foreground of the company that he describes is attracted, the practice that the manager also may compare satisfaction to reply and be abounded my is experienced, when interview ends, he expresses clearly employ I, and leave to me gave a good pay treatment. The favour of the have found a superior appreciative of one's ability that thanks a manager and the longing to future, I did not hesitate too much, decide oneself " sell " to this network company.

Back-to-back, I broke away from main forces of to apply for a job, consider an experience " go to work " felt. I think, anyway big 4 also do not have what class, go be familiar with company environment and oneself work flow as breakfast. I sent a mail to the manager, showed oneself think of a way, the manager agreed very quickly with respect to the letter in reply.

At the beginning of December 2005, I hired a cell around the company, began career going to work. I value the first my job very much, return toward past dusk everyday, regardless of the weather, besides now and then outside answering the school to handle matter of a few graduation, I am round-the-clock bubble was in a company -- , the ability that I think to prove my with effort and achievement, also let entire company know, the this year's graduates is not so poor like what some people imagine. This works is 6 months. Because be illicit look forward to, actuating pressure is very great, company discipline is very rigid also, I dare not slight, the work is very hard, when next coming home, often was asleep on fair steam, as a result had sat to stand. But, think oneself are liberal art is born, and not be particularly outstanding, compete intense, the work searchs hard again, also hold on with respect to gnash one's teeth.
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