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The 10 Dali that use when invite applications for a job are talked
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Although the most astute handler, likely also the trap of mistake of indulge in hire hands. The item of special attention is needed when the article lists badge is hired, administrative person wants careful research only, can hire the talented person that gets ideal.

1, brash badge is hired

Hurried ground has invite applications for a job, make the standard is reduced easily also commonly, or oversight negative factor of applicant. Because invite applications for a job works to need commonly 90 to 120 days, so if an important official that sentences perch personally resigns suddenly, the job of invite applications for a job that replaces him needs to undertake immediately; If want to add new position, should shift to an earlier date more 3 have invite applications for a job to 4 months.

2, halo effect

When invite applications for a job, may show as a result of outstanding appearance of applicant or certain and outstanding watch, and other be like clever, able wait for an advantage, add all his bodies along with all the others. What arise to avoid " of " halo effect is undesirable and sequential, the person that need Xiang Yinghui demands a few reports that he himself already prepared, or the working summary of the near future, as the objective basis that evaluates capability.

3, with best person, is not the person that fits that job most

Do not answer to accord with badge person ability, and improve position to exceed original requirement. The talented person that be tired of to avoid to recruit qualifications and record of service is exorbitant and final likelihood or leaves, employer needs to develop an actual requirement detailed rules and regulations, it is model for painting with it when invite applications for a job.

4, the question that raises hypothesis sex

The opinion that can offer " to be like you is criticized on the board of directors, how can be you dealt with? "Wait for a problem, replace in order to take direct those who become rise: "How do you hold to him opinion? "Raise a question secondhand, than the query that alludes answer of " correct " at, obtain accurate information more easily.

5, conversation is overmuch

Do not want time of will specific discuss with sb face to face, answer with what will peddle a company desperately the position of badge, and halfhearted is evaluated should badge person skill. Fall into one-sided impressional trap very easily so, and ignored the reaction that awaits the person that hire. Allot interview time appropriately, make detailed heart-to-heart talk with 90 minutes; Among them the case that 15 % time uses introductory company and position.

6, do not stay sit theoretic

A few note require when interview, otherwise, after the event confirms well and truly very hard or check the content that Ceng Tan reachs, concern the issue of data especially.

7, use induction

Inquiry should badge person a few can specific the achievement with data presentation, in order to confirm his self introduction. Collect maneuver to part a way also but effectively corresponding badge person make a test. It is full marks with 10 minutes, see him how make ego evaluate. Say commonly, if oneself have the weak point of some respect, and do not want to be discovered, he can give himself to hit 7 minutes; And confident person, can hit 8 minutes to oneself or 9 minutes.
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