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Qin Guixiu
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The photograph of the Qin Guixiu that browse

Registered permanent residence: Guilin city gives unripe date: 1985-04-17
Nation: Chinese political appearance: Member
Citizenship: Chinese marital status: Maiden
Height: 165cm graduate school: School of Guilin city advanced ability
Professional: Property manages the 2nd major: Without
Record of formal schooling: Ability graduates in time: 2004-07-07
Title: Of short duration does not have place showing place: Guilin city

Intent of to apply for a job

Working property: Date of full-time take office: At any time
Working station: Management engineers / sale trade / advertisement station group: Management is engineered / sale trade / advertisement
Seek position: Sell other position: Civil service, recieve / obedience allocation

Hope area: Guilin city. . . Or Nanning expectation pay: Monthly pay [1200]RMB

Introduce in detail

Education grooms >> > 2002.9.1- - 2004.7.1 read school of advanced ability of Yu Guilin city. . . Foreign language language: ? grade: ? . . Other foreign language: ? is not had. . . The computer: Word? . . Mandarin: Oneself?
Working experience >> > [4 years of experience] >> > came in June 2004 industry of actor of Guilin city clean produced department general labour to came in September 2004 field in September 2004 the member that limited company of equipment of Electromechanical of Guilin Tai Di sold a sale in May 2005 came in May 2006 sale of Guilin city Hong Ming advertisement was engineered in June 2007

Working skill >> > sale
Self introduction >> > oneself do not have ability, record of formal schooling is not tall, dan Congming is academic, cheerful, be full of self-confidence, work free from anxiety, discipline of self-conscious obedient company! !
Professional target >> > with positive attitude, had done each work, be in charge of seriously to the job

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