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Kuang Gang justice
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The Kuang Gang that browse justice photograph

Registered permanent residence: Hunan Province gives unripe date: 1989-02-01
Nation: Appearance of politics of the Han nationality: Member
Citizenship: Chinese marital status: Maiden
Height: 165cm graduate school: A surname learns in Dong Yoxian
Professional: The 2nd major: Without
Record of formal schooling: Time of high school graduation: 2006-07
Title: Intermediate place showing place: Guilin city

Intent of to apply for a job

Working property: Date of full-time take office: At any time
Working station: Professional / technology / group of station of special type industry: Professional / technology / special type industry
Seek position: Operation storehouse provides other post: Manage / obedience allocation

Hope area: Guilin city. . . Or do not be restricted to expect pay: The face is discussed

Introduce in detail

Education grooms >> > 2003-9---2006-7 a surname learns in Dong Yoxian. . . Foreign language language: ? grade: ? . . Other foreign language: ? is not had. . . The computer: Personal? . . Mandarin: Sunlight?
Working experience >> > [3 years of experience] >> > 2006 8- - the member that how did 12 Shaanxi Xi'an believe factory of medical apparatus and instruments to hold the position of a makings 2006 (only) argon burnt solder, 2006 12- - factory of electron of wood of ferry of 2 Guangdong Dongguan was engaged in ship-fitter 2008 (assemble assemble electronic element) , groom via the organization after the member that assess the stock that be promoted by superior (workshop demand gets the basis to remove stock and register account - make a be clear at a glance) was in business in Feburary 2008

Working skill >> > oneself can be hard-working, ever was engaged in hardware electron industry getting used to ability strong, hope you give share an opportunity
Self introduction >> > come from Hunan till Kuang Gang justice shows oneself outer job 3 years, had been engaged in hardware - electronic industry, oneself get used to ability strong, can hard-working, receive ranking praise for many times in working station, the mind is sharp. Hope you can give share an opportunity, oneself are become surely in one's power.
Wither! ! !

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