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Yong Xuemei
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Registered permanent residence: Guilin city gives unripe date: 1984-11-18
Nation: Chinese political appearance: Member
Citizenship: Chinese marital status: Maiden
Height: 158cm graduate school: Institute of the Jinggang Mountains
Professional: Protect a Confucian school of idealist philosophy of the Song and Ming Dynasties the 2nd major: Without
Record of formal schooling: Time of graduation of three-year institution of higher learning: 2007-07-01
Title: Of short duration does not have place showing place: Guilin city

Intent of to apply for a job

Working property: Date of full-time take office: At any time
Working station: Medical treatment / health care / nurse station group: Medical treatment / health care / nurse
Seek position: Nurse other position: Obedience allocation / obedience allocation

Hope area: Guilin city. . . Or do not be restricted to expect pay: The face is discussed

Introduce in detail

Education grooms >> > came to was read in July 2007 in September 2004 save institute of the Jinggang Mountains at Jiangxi. . . Foreign language language: ⒂ ? grade: Word? . . Other foreign language: ? is not had. . . The computer: Word? . . Mandarin: Sunlight?
Working experience >> > [1 year of experience] >> > came to was in institute of the Jinggang Mountains in April 2007 in June 2006 accessary hospital exercitation came to was saved in Zhejiang in October 2008 in August 2007 always one paediatrics outpatient department holds the position of fine county nurse

Working skill >> > be good at children brothers children scalp is venipuncture, venipuncture
Self introduction >> > oneself are good at children brothers children scalp is venipuncture, venipuncture, humanness affinity is strong, as can very good as patient and family member communication communicates, can hard-working.

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