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Farming light is protected
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Browse the photograph that farming light protects

Registered permanent residence: Guangxi province gives unripe date: 1985-07-18
Nation: Strong political appearance: Member
Citizenship: Chinese marital status: Maiden
Height: 171cm graduate school: Guilin travel is advanced schools
Professional: Travel agent management the 2nd major: Tourist guide
Record of formal schooling: Time of graduation of three-year institution of higher learning: 2007
Title: Without place showing place: Guilin city

Intent of to apply for a job

Working property: Date of full-time take office: A week
Working station: Other / group of obedience allocation station: Other / obedience allocation
Seek position: Appropriate other position: Obedience allocation / obedience allocation

Hope area: Guilin city. . . Or do not be restricted to expect pay: The face is discussed

Introduce in detail

Education grooms >> > in September 2001- - in July 2004 Guangxi people high school in September 2004- - Guilin travel is advanced in July 2007 —5 month was in schools in January 2007 big public house of Yue of Guangdong Dongguan Jin Kai jackarooes. . . Foreign language language: ⒂ ? grade: ? of boil in water for a while. . Other foreign language: ? is not had. . . The computer: Personal? . . Mandarin: Sentence?
Working experience >> > [1 year of experience] >> > also attend each society to carry out during have a holiday, if be in the company of estate of Dong Huixing city of Guilin to had done a part-time job, had been engaged in service industry during summer vacation; Ever held the position of school basketball association to organize ministry minister; —5 month jackarooed in big public house of Yue of Guangdong Dongguan Jin Kai in January 2007, get reputably. Will pursue tourist guide job up to now 7 years in June!

Working skill >> > this human style is optimistic, optimistic, be good at human association easy be in harmony at collective in the center, have very strong self-discipline capacity! Have deep love for motion, exercise actively, had the honor to win 2005 school the second place of organization of platoon ball game that held 3 people make basketball surpass Ji Jun to had the honor to win the school to hold 2006
Self introduction >> > the capacity that oneself take exercise in each activity in society and school and increased oneself, the knowledge that hopes to be able to apply place to learn and enthusiasm find his life stage, achieve our win-win!
Professional target >>>

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