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Liu Yuanyuan
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Registered permanent residence: Guilin city gives unripe date: 1990-08-14
Nation: Chinese political appearance: Member
Citizenship: Chinese marital status: Maiden
Height: 160cm graduate school: Nanning trade school
Professional: Advertisement designs the 2nd major: Planar design
Record of formal schooling: Time of graduation of technical secondary school: 2007-07-26
Title: Primary place showing place: Guilin city

Intent of to apply for a job

Working property: Both hold concurrently but take office date: At any time
Working station: The computer / Internet / IT/ Gao Ke kind station group: The computer / Internet / IT/ Gao Ke kind
Seek position: Guide buy other position: Civil member / obedience allocation

Hope area: Guilin city. . . Or do not be restricted to expect pay: The face is discussed

Introduce in detail

Education grooms >> > read a technical secondary school in Nanning trade school, learn planar design! . . . Foreign language language: ⒂ ? grade: ? . . Other foreign language: ? is not had. . . The computer: Personal? . . Mandarin: Sunlight?
Working experience >> > [1 year of experience] >> > the sale was made in Guilin gold earth to October 2008 in August 2007, have sale work experience of a year!

Working skill >> > skilled office software!
Self introduction >> > my disposition is optimistic, be good at managing, communicate with communication, working cautious and conscientious! It is certain to have bear ability!
Professional target >> > perfect oneself as far as possible in the job!

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