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College Students in first, "Shuangxuan Hui", held in Guilin
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April 11, Guangxi college graduates this spring, "Shuangxuan Hui" and the North Bay Economic Zone Job Fair, at the Guilin University of Technology Campus, the first opening screen. From more than 10 colleges and universities in the region tens of thousands of graduates, on the same stage

Competition for more than 120 employers offer more than 4200 jobs.

According to organizers, the Office of College Graduates autonomous region and autonomous centers of college graduates person in charge of career guidance, our region is about 14 million college graduates this year, compared with 2009 increased by 1 million people, the employment situation

More severe than in previous years. To provide more university graduates to employment information and job opportunities, only this spring, "Shuangxuan Hui" for the arrangement of the 3 games. In addition to Guilin headed off, also arranged for April 17 held in Guangxi Teachers College

Second, May 8 at the Bose Institute at the third.

Speaking first of this year, "Shuangxuan Hui" feature, the official said, is the development and construction of the Northern Gulf Economic Zone personnel demand, more than half of employers from the northern Gulf, which is the biggest bright spot. In the Yu-

Lin recruitment stage Longtan Industrial Park, the reporter saw, only 4 posts need more than an hour in more than 40 applicants actually received registration materials. In this regard, the employer told reporters the scene, mainly due to the "North

Gulf "in the name of the gold content," Now the college students know what is 'potential stock'! "

When a reporter asked first, "Shuangxuan Hui," Why did you choose when held in Guilin University of Technology, the organizers responsible person, an employment rate of university graduates every year more than 90%, ranking the forefront of Colleges and Universities, successive years

Autonomous region as "advanced unit of employment."

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