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Initiatives developed to attract high-end multi-Guilin talent
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"Lijiang Scholars" project, top-notch talent and foster high-level creative team ... ... the future will be implemented in a number of Guilin, a major human resources strategy. This is from yesterday, the city held a meeting on the human resources work.

City leaders Liu Jun, Li Zhigang, PAN Yong Jian attended the meeting.

Among the many measures, the most bright spot is the "scholar Li River" project. Specific content: from home and abroad in stages leading selection of high-level talent, and continue to increase investment and policy support, and strive to 2020,

Cumulative selection 10-20 Lijiang scholars, young researchers to attract a number of key technical training, and built a number of rich features of the R & D center in Guilin, technology innovation base, base and advantages to promote academic achievement.

In addition, the project will be implemented top-notch talent, regular selection of top-notch talent, and his team of top-notch talent to give key support to support the implementation of its organizational reporting and hosting regional, municipal key issues, scientific and technological projects, work

Process technology projects to promote the transformation and industrialization of scientific research and technology to improve the overall level of Guilin. By 2020, a total of about 200 selected areas of the industry's top-notch talent, led about 500 young researchers develop technology


It will also cultivate high-level creative team, strengthen personnel management of small upland projects to cultivate the small highland team of 10 personnel to upgrade the overall talent level of the small center construction.

Municipal Committee, Municipal People's Congress Liu Jun, director at the meeting that a new stage of the talent to do the work, the key is to establish a priority to the development of the strategic distribution of talent, to give priority to promoting human development as the basic path to catch up with advanced

And major strategic initiatives. First, we must uphold the priority of human resources development. Total 2020 personnel from the current 30 million to 50 million people, the basic economic and social development to adapt to Guilin. Second, we must uphold the excellent personnel structure

The first adjustment. Third, we must adhere to the investment in human resources ensure that priority. Fourth, we must adhere to the personnel system of priority innovation. Maximize their various talents to create innovative energy and wisdom of building a modern international tourist city, historical and cultural city

Ecological landscape city to provide a strong pool of talent.

Guilin on the same day the third installment of the 43 awards were top-notch talent.

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