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Guilin held special recruitment of college graduates to provide more than a thou
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Tomorrow morning, a preparation for employment recruitment of college graduates will be, will be No. 6 in the West Phoenix Road, Guilin, held the human resources market, more than 50 companies will provide jobs for more than 1,000 graduates of choice.

The event is the city to carry out the graduate employment services, one of the month, the theme of "service jobs, human achievement," Past, fresh college graduates are not employed applicants may be admitted. The organizers said, will the long-term

Unemployed graduates, graduates and zero-employment families to focus on services to graduates of family difficulties.

It is understood that the day of recruitment of units to approach the second industry and tertiary industry (service)-based, recruiting at the exhibition will also provide policy advice on college graduates employment services and career guidance, job placement, job

Industry training and entrepreneurship training.

Editor: now the graduates for jobs "season." Some college graduates who are working to worry about, but in a recent job fair, many employers provide jobs but Zaoleng Yu. October 7, the newspaper 2

Edition reported such a strange phenomenon.

It stands to reason, some people need to work, there are units in need of people to work, both of which should be easy to balance and achieve "win-win" results. That "strange phenomenon" is how to generate it? Original, job seekers are afraid of looking for work "did not face

", Has been reluctant to" place ", the recruitment side is very helpless.

As the career guidance experts said, the graduates need to change the concept itself and decide to start from the basic position. On the other hand, be it an appropriate increase in business benefits, to enhance their attractiveness to attract more talents for themselves.

Tomorrow, they will be placed in a recruitment front. Opportunity to come, have to seize the sights for job seekers and recruiters alike.

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