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[Hubei] old bayou " 3 rounds of drive " raise a cadre to groom actual effect
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City of Hubei province old bayou grooms in the cadre in the job, extend ceaselessly groom space, innovation grooms means, optimize groom content, enhance a cadre to groom working substantial results. Since last year, early or late 24 leaders cadre grooms through attending, practice, obtained the computer to apply, the grade of the respect such as economic division attestation and qualificatory certificate.
This city holds lecture of all sorts of academic seminar, special subject and organization to groom through adopting the cadre takes exercise on the spot wait for means, solid catch good cadre convention to groom. 158 satellites of whole town that make full use of to already built teach the ground remotely to receive station and old bayou party to build the resource of website sth resembling a net such as the net, early or late open up 17 column such as forum of order programme of online answering question, video, cadre, came true to be followed along with learn, extended groom new space.
This city respects characteristic of cadre individual character adequately, adopt with " interactive type, delibrate type, case type, scene type and imitate practice, on-the-spot practice " be main content " 4 type 2 practice " teaching method, raise the enthusiasm of cadre study and initiative ceaselessly, make academic knowledge and practical skill whole are advanced, integrated quality whole raises city straight cadre and cadre of villages and towns.
The new requirement that to leading a cadre job of;equal;fitter;fittest;qualified;equal to station raises and cadre ego promote a series of great and decision-making deploy that join current party integrated quality place need, this city is timely adjust " curricular menu " . In the meantime, reasonable and a few more compensatory if the computer is applied, psychological, management learns to wait for a respect class of practical knowledge take as an elective course.

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