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Beautiful researcher: Negative stuff " bad one boiler soup "
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American researcher discovers, "Excrement of a mice became bad one boiler soup " on on-the-job field likewise applicable. The stuff with individual negative performance can work to whole the negative effect with serious generation.

Researcher of American Washington college is in " group action studies " the article is published to say on periodical, inactive action is larger than positive action effect, accordingly, "Excrement of a mouse became bad one boiler soup " no wonder. Contrary, the employee with specific positive attitude can not arouse the positive sentiment of other.

Telunsi Miqieer says one of article authors, researcher is those in the job lazy, mood is grave with the stuff that likes to atttack other the definition is " negative stuff " . Miqieer says, accept investigation suffer the person that visit can point out almost or a few a few colleagues are a group in " negative stuff " . These " negative stuff " below not present condition, people feels freely, begin to hear music, chat, share lunch, mutual help, but as long as " negative stuff " return the office, harmonious atmosphere alls gone immediately.

Miqieer says: "The enterprise needs to act to solve this problem instantly, because mere one negative performance of the individual also is met far-reaching and transmission is rapid. " Miqieer suggests to say, the enterprise should be added more when picking a person make an on-the-spot investigation, avoid " negative stuff " enter a group. If be in link of invite applications for a job somewhat careless omission, had better let these slip through the net then " negative stuff " sole job, lest affect other morale.

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