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Line of business of 7 big modern part-time jobs is contacted completely
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Between big first phase, the curricular setting of each schools is given priority to with communal foundation class commonly, strength is not great, time is more abundant also. In after school time, classmates can be done do a part-time job to enrich the life, this can accumulate experience of a few works not only, still be helpful for raising ability of meet an emergency, psychology to bear ability, widen human concern net, abound life experience thereby. But, also want to be clear about when hold two or more posts concurrently, oneself are a student after all, the part-time job should allow with affecting school work to be. The article will introduce a few kinds for you " popular " the part-time job works, come along! Big the friend of one.   No.1: Family education Suit some door or skill of a few discipline is solid, be good at communicating, explain the fellow student with better ability. As the near future small language learns upsurge happen frequently, the classmate of each small language major looks for a church to have very big advantage.

   Advantage: Working hours is fixed, working environment is relatively quiet and easy, and pay does not poor. The intellectual reserve that can use oneself already can contact a society again, exercise oral expression, thinking and ability of meet an emergency.
   Defect: Pure repeat the knowledge previously, learn to major and start work of ability rise without too big effect.

   Pay salary forehead: Did not secure a level, generally speaking, elementary school: 20 yuan / hour; Come first first 2: 25 yuan / hour; First 3 to second year in high school: 30 yuan / hour; Tall 3: 35 yuan / hour; The foreign language gives lessons, elegant think of, TOEFL: 60 yuan / hour; Musical instrument (violin, piano, the) such as Gu Zheng: 50 yuan / hour.    Apply for a way: Introduce through center of school part-work and part-study system, or to the school circumjacent family education center seeks working information (Beijing Normal University, capital Normal University, there is) of family education center all round university of Beijing foreign language, intermediary cost is 50 yuan commonly an information. The business charter that before handing in intermediary to expend, classmates must notice to whether center of this family education has management department to issue and licence. The sticks on large tree advertisement side the street cannot believe blindly. No.2: Tourist guide Beijing has rich travel resource. 2008 Beijing Olympic Games, push the travel market Beijing a new peak again, seasoned tourist guide will become travel agent " popular commodities " . Here setting falls, the tourist guide becomes an undergraduate to hold two or more posts concurrently slowly " parvenu " . Travel agent can be contacted to begin to head a group after card of tourist guide of pass an entrance examination.    Advantage: Working hours flexibility is big, can choose to be in on the weekend or holiday belt is round, do not conflict with study time. Pay is more rich and generous, comprise by main job fee commonly, OK still wide in the job make friend.   
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