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How does the undergraduate finish decay to lead to a white-collar?
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"Undergraduate obtain employment " the focal problem that is social attention all the time, get the great attention of party and government. Hu Jintao's secretary-general, Premier Wen Jiabao makes important written instructions for many times, requirement Party Committee of all levels, government does good undergraduate obtain employment to work with all one's strength, emphasize making the value that very graduate obtain employment works on concerned conference for many times. Premier of Home Wen treasure ever alluded repeatedly so problem of undergraduate obtain employment: "I am paying close attention to autograph of undergraduate obtain employment to be led about everyday. "I am paying close attention to autograph of undergraduate obtain employment to be led about everyday..

Cry in 2006 undergraduates piece " zero salary obtain employment " later, 2007 undergraduates obtain employment causes each square concern. According to statistic, graduate 2007 number reachs 4.95 million person, add 820 thousand person than 2006; If according to of 70% the first time obtain employment leads computation, will 1.48 million person cannot find the job. The situation is so grim, as be in a problem vortical medium main body -- what kind of obtain employment do 2007 undergraduates still hold to expect? Each just pay close attention to this problem height.

At this point problem, the of a few proposal that president of advisory limited company of Ke Rui management holds presiding profession adviser concurrently to impetuous grasping Mr Bin made the undergraduate that perplexes to be place of the obtain employment after graduation currently and view, a few real case can be united in wedlock to teach current undergraduate below: Make the preparation before good finish school, obtain employment is met very successful.


Make good experience reserve

Wang Jun, what learn in the university is IT major, but at ordinary times the think of a way that the environment allowed her to arise to think matchmaking style reporter however to his influence, draw near should graduate he is very anxious, was done to Ke Rui seek advice, professional adviser gave her a few proposals, media connection follows before graduation, find the topic that media is paying close attention to, write draft to cast toward big paper or each magazine media, in the course that follows chief editor negotiation with respect to scrape up many is in the manpower resource in this industry and experience, had made experience reserve namely. After she adjusted period of time with a large media, published a few articles, do not calculate little over media famous energy of life, taking an article to apply for a job to also the word said.

Make very professional reserve

Li Xiao, what learn in an university of Harbin is industrial automation major, but herself does not like, this also is the mistake that when signing up for major at the outset, commits, when university summer vacation works, she is to make a sale, and also like go up this industry, but she does not think major of 4 years again so refuse. Come to Ke Rui then, adviser passed Ke Rui's profession to be done to her a series of professional temperament is analysed and evaluate, feel Li Xiao is to compare apt to sell really, suggest she: Understand a few knowledge that become sale facet before graduation more, become social practice more, make up for a few specializationed sale skill, the industry that when entering the market recombine place learns is professional, the industry that builds up from nothing in this is met certainly professional advance rapidly.
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