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Interest is wide person how to choose a profession
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Incoming letter of a lady tells us, she had worked 10 years, what learn when the university is engineering course, period of time can work in the enterprise after graduation hind, him discovery is interested in finance more, go then coastal city is entered swing, had become secretary, clerk, selling manager, those who do is very happy, after but pass more,going, discover him profession does not develop to succeed, it is the problem of good luck not only, it is oneself problem greatly. She wants to pass evaluation very much, understanding his objectively is after all
What characteristic, suit to do what work. Pass a test, we discover the administrative ability quality of this lady is very good, work conscientious, meticulous, systimatic, humanness is cordial, candid; But her interest is very wide, it is not only in the heart yearning attempt all sorts of professions, and bold on the action practice, ignore the consequence that reachs a likelihood to bring even sometimes. After hearing the analysis that we report to the test, she says she has this characteristic really, realized this in the past, but what do not feel is what problem, after working now, she began to be anxious, because face many help wanted, she does not know how to choose really.   interest is wide it is an advantage. Interest is wide, can make the person often notes the new issue of many sided, explore and can be created. Interest can make the person is good at dealing with changeful environment extensively, although change,exchange labor makes property, also can be familiar with immediately and get used to new job, of interest encyclopedical laid a foundation successfully for the career. But, interest cannot do not have stable, lasting interest extensively, to thing interest dedicated with abiding ability the key that is a success. If produce strong interest possibly to everything, but this kind of interest can be place of another kind of interest to replace immediately again, developing to the profession is very adverse.   so, how does the person with wide interest choose a profession? Can adopt below in order to 3 measure:     1, seek cogent profession interest. Interest has a variety of, have a plenty of hobby, have a plenty of professional interest, when choosing a profession, should notice to distinguish these come. Additional, want to consider the objective and actual condition of the outside, inspect interest of which kinds of profession to more the opportunity spreads out with development.     2, judge certain work unit to develop a future how. The person with wide interest can produce strong interest to a lot of professions, need reminds him: The profession is the way that trend of a people develops, want to consider the particular case of working unit when the choice, for instance: Consider atmosphere of located situation, culture and social history setting; Manage means, moving mechanism; Structure of dimensions form, personnel, ambient conditions; Whether does consideration leader value a handsome appearance, consider the condition such as the actual strength of the unit and offer opportunity, future, choice and oneself are current state relatively the unit that match.     3, whether is him consideration competent. Consider real need of the job, tendency of characteristic of the knowledge level that considers oneself, skill, experience, fitness, individual character, ability whether to accord with professional requirement, can with " professional be geared to the needs of the job " to consider a focal point. The attention cannot vie blindly, the attention fosters strengths and circumvent weaknesses.   reminds the friends with wide interest, want to develop oneself central interest. Filling in additionally intent of to apply for a job when, be not filled or fill on 4, 5 kinds, do not give unit of choose and employ persons him occupational option entirely.
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