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[Ningxia] 35 thousand officeholder centers training in rotation inside 3 years
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The reporter understood from hall of municipal human affairs yesterday, since this year, ningxia is executed strictly continue to teach certificate to register, the system such as assessment, rewards and punishment, increase pair of officeholder compose to build practical person with ability of ability of innovation of personnel of harmonious society ability, professional technology, country to do poineering work become rich the ability strength that continues to teach the job.

Since this year, use 2 be opposite in installment to 3 years of time 35 thousand officeholder center whole area entirely training in rotation, hold to " not via grooming not mount guard, do not hold a post via grooming, do not promote via grooming, must not not attend to be judged end of the year via grooming judge actor first " regulation, increase groom working sanction, promotion officeholder team lawfully administration, science is decision-making the ability that waits for competence and compose to build harmonious society. Ningxia will be accepted to professional technology personnel the class hour that continues to teach and groom content undertakes be assessinged strictly, regard evaluation as the essential condition of professional technology qualification. Rely on a country to carry out knowledge of professional technology qualified personnel to update a project, the characteristic industry that in Ningxia goods of new material, medlar, machining, nation learns to wait for 10 keys to develop and advantage course and contemporary agriculture, contemporary make, domain of technology of modern management, IT, energy, education ascends the body course forward position, professional technology that can share domestic and international competition gets a soldier one batch just, make professional technology qualified personnel continues to teach enclothe a face to achieve 95%% , so as to promotes innovation poineering capability. Reach around advantage produce industry and regional characteristic industry production, treatment, current etc " short smooth fast " become rich project, in order to cultivate, breed a specialist, village group cadre, farmer agent and return countryside poineering personnel to attach most importance to a dot, adopt the measure that fills with award generation, groom every year 100 thousand person of rural practical person with ability; Commend every year 100 production hotshot, management able person and large family of science and technology, fact of country of promotion of so as to does poineering work with the talent the ability that become rich.

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