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What college graduate should search is a job only, is not a profession, not be a career more.
-- , on the forum of height of obtain employment of first China undergraduate that holds in Beijing, experts all think, the college ought to lower oneself to expect to be worth when graduate obtain employment, had done get from blue collar, ash fight the psychological preparation that rise.

During university study, should strive for a head as far as possible full, and do not be eager to a pocket full.

-- , the view that Wang Xuan of academician of Chinese Academy of Sciences talks about to open a firm to suspend one's schooling of current share student.

Do not read a doctor, because of the difficulty that the doctor applies for a job in the United States, be equivalent to female doctor looking for the difficulty of husband in China. Also must not admire the person that has 3 doctorate, when because cannot be found only,working, ground of meeting one after another reads ability doctor.

-- , a student studying abroad that does not have doctorate says so.

Must not think the United States does not have a talent, american talent just is to like to leave school just. Also must not think the Chinese is a talent, some talents of China besides check branch tall, basically what won't.

-- , a student studying abroad is in see the Chinese is going up desperately say when Ha Fo.

They think MBA resembles is a beauty parlour, read MBA, come out to be met radiant, thoroughly remould oneself.

-- , those who make an expert anxious is: MBA already was added to rise job by high pay of brief melt into in China.

The Chinese is too much, 1.3 billion person, you hide in within of so much person, how can ability cause people attention? A boss should ask a person, two applicant ability is about the same, then he can choose that to grow more good-lookingly certainly.

-- , division of a face-lifting explains so why Chinese popular face-lifting is hot.

Let me tell poineering story, resemble auspicious forest the story that elder brother's wife tells A wool is same, tell much also meaning of it doesn't matter.

-- , " Forbes " and " European money " Shou Fuding Lei is in inland of China of of reinforced material if division of electron of alma mater China says greatly, express the boredom of pair of plute topics with this.

8 minutes of talents, use 9 minutes, very pay.

-- , the takes a person course that Yin Mingshan of president of force sail group talks about civilian battalion enterprise.

Always be in dismiss a person, abbreviation president; Often keep a straight face, friend says a boss; Often pay no attention to a person to make a manager then.

-- , commercial position is solved newly.

The true meaning of iron rice bowl-a secure job is not to be in a place to eat a meal all one's life, however all one's life where the meal eats.
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