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Graduate obtain employment " fast, accurate, firm " 3 words bid farewell
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The topic of a heat that the obtain employment of social undergraduate has become place of media, government, society to pay close attention to now, finish vast and mighty obtain employment main forces walks along a society, face unit of choose and employ persons to make excessive demands almost and little little demand, appear one is supplied and the problem with demand serious and maladjusted scale. Of course as to appear this kind of phenomenon, because channel of university enlarge action, obtain employment is not expedite,be, school structure of occupation idea of maladjusted, obtain employment lags behind or student itself expectation is exorbitant we are not discussed. Groom from the obtain employment of student itself guidance and lack of skill of to apply for a job will be discussed simply, appeared this one giant obtain employment main forces, let not know what to do of government, enterprise, society do not say, also let seek the undergraduate group have no other way that is less than him position and platform of aspiration of put to good use, time became long emerge in large numbers came out a new name: "Eat old a group of things with common features - - not obtain employment, the salary that relies on parents feeds him. ", this became a " of the society to bestow favor on " newly. In main forces of 1 million obtain employment, how to let him develop a school of one's own, have a smile on one's face group Confucianism, and unapt go relying on parents to live? The spirit that fights with respect to Wu Xuezhong now comes the individual opinion of illuminate obtain employment, the hope can give body defect extreme misery medium undergraduate friend, come a straw, as to whether help, see an enterprise whether can discover the " weight below straw -- talent " .

The undergraduate applies for a job in, should abide by " simply 3 words of " of fast, accurate, firm gist concept, specific explanation is as follows:

   Fast: Should be in namely send resume for a short while, show oneself distinctive one side and advantage, give a company relevant oneself information, should believe " " of the first effect, no matter be the point of view that perhaps provides a Confucian school of idealist philosophy of the Song and Ming Dynasties from the angle of sale,will tell, the first occurrence brand effect, the 2nd brand cannot be replaced forever. A simple case, 4 names write follow-up correcting to film, cannot replace the consequence of horse of those a few old people forever. Let an enterprise be in what can have time for a short while to evaluate applicant from objective and rational angle so, remain the force that next other people cannot replace, the person that be about to seek undergraduate to apply for a job, install oneself in the bag of resume and oneself fluctuation kongfu, find out oneself advantage, let its give off light.

   Accurate: Do not let resume fly in disorder all over the sky namely, free attend invite applications for a job to be able to cast those who send and so on of resume, recommendation and phone, network channel aimlessly send an individual message. Locate first to oneself however, seek the seat that grants oneself to want, analyse oneself be fond of and actor bad objectively, what want to go for oneself next is enterprise or business unit fixed position, knows well and truly news, make information symmetrical, is not wasteful time, money and distance, result effects is very small, the message of disappear forever is in the majority, the room that has a news is little.
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