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7 years IT industry proposes a toast from firewood of personnel of course of stu
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According to foreign media newest report, IT industry expert thinks from the market newest evidence makes clear, 2007 will be IT industry a year when flourish more, each company will be contended for acquire mature technology, also can be opposite put sb in a very important position of IT talent inflict and rich and generous pay pay.

Company of logistic home Xian Jie (LogicaCMG) express, the block up that its are in short supply in the development 2006 by the talent, this one blemish makes they must employ more deputy contractor. This one circumstance is in France particularly serious, each company must handle busy work in person of more of the invite applications for a job end 2006. Last year September, logistic home Xian Jie admits the company is in talent of IT of British hire elite injury to show head, this partner to company of logistic home Xian Jie people for not be meddlesome, this shows IT professional market still is in float condition, this is why company cannot the reason that the talent with enough recruit will come to to answer all jobs. Logistic home Xian Jie expresses in its commerce statement, in the 3rd quarter, the lack of productivity restricted a company to make the income of multiple essentials region grow, state this state has appeared now additionally improve.

This week is some earlier moment, JSA of hunt head firm announced an investigation, the company that indicates those employ IT free practitioner perhaps can be given the pressure of more pay. This investigation discovers hopeful of pay of IT industry contractor grew 10 % 2007, make an appointment with those who have 40 % to suffer inquirer to think IT contracts the market will be in growth condition 2007, another 50 % think to won't have a change.

The gives priority to with employ freedom reporter IT website that the name is Contractor UK claimed recently, the fee that is used at employ freedom practitioner rose 4 % , and employ is formal the expenses of employee rose 3.1 % .

Additional, IT expert also needs to be employer people the information that provides technical field, the technology that Hudson of hunt head firm tells Contractor UK to the website needs most at present is Java J2EE, VB.Net, C# , LAMP and data storehouse technology.

After the information that in logistic home Xian Jie company technology lacks is given off, although the company says to had made a technology reform, its market share still dropped 6 % .

In the commerce statement 2006, telecommunication and IT service company call his core IT service business income had grown near 5 % , the wanting that place of division of this score analyse anticipates is low.

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