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Think abdication? First compensate hires advertisement cost
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"Do not give advertisement cost, don't imagine that is possible goes 10 thousand lady says the person, how didn't she also think of the boss can raise such requirement.

Before a few weeks 10 thousand ladies apply for a small hostel to become a clerk, after working for some time, because she gave dot job in the home, plus the job not be very satisfactory, decide abdication so. 10 thousand ladies say she and hostel did not sign labor contract, abdication should not be what tickler, then with respect to try to win sb's favor the following day train ticket, the person takes immediately after the plan resigns. But those who let 10 thousand ladies did not think of is, after the boss hears the idea that she should take very rusty, "A few weeks think your ability, too beyond the mark. My action such as your otherwise goes again to the person, you do not take otherwise salary, I prepare to appear in the newspaper ascend help wanted, your salary supports advertisement fee. " 10 thousand ladies think however, the boss puts an advertisement seek a person, can be advertisement cost drawn out by her how?

But the boss of hostel calls loss repeatedly, the somebody of legitimate rights and interests of laborer is safeguarded, so by who the rights and interests of the unit is protected again? The boss says, they it is not easy that this kind of hostel enrols a skilled clerk, employee says to go, he presses a root to do not have time to look for a person to take over.

Jiangsu grows the Yang Chaojiang's lawyer of trigonometry attorney office to think, 10 thousand ladies did not sign labor contract with hostel, according to legal provision, can go at any time and place person, and hostel should pay 10 thousand ladies salary. Hind classics is harmonious, after 10 thousand ladies agree to wait for hostel to find a person to take over, resign again, and the pay that hostel also expresses to meeting general agrees at the outset extends 10 thousand ladies.

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