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Look through talent breach groom the market
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Groomed 2006 when what we turn over full of beautiful things in eyes the advertisement of the market, discover not hard " in in the near future inside, the talent breach of some respect will be broken through hundred thousands of, very consummate 1 million " wait for similar statement, "Breach " this word abruptly made a handsome appearance the market and even groom one of popular vocabularies with top rate of the exposure in the market. It ases if countless to apply for a job person the professional road that illumed to did not come, also give at the same time of course not little groom the company seeks the direction that make money and the ground that do a class to term begins. Emerge to those breach hard when people, it is relevant groom when paying price, what if the imagination is medium,do not have is so good. Industry still as usual, it seems that the enterprise also did not cast a too much in short supply post, and to apply for a job person what get after spending money and effort, it is a piece of certificate that can offer self-appreciation merely. This lets us must ponder over a problem: Is talent breach a fact after all? Still groom the cover of the orgnaization? This kind of argument is to come from at media public opinion, still come from at corresponding industry sound, is or the result that both combines? Even if is such, these talent breach if really groom with respect to what can you rely on bitter fleabane rise suddenly to rise will enterprise make up for and carry a talented person?
Recently, the author sees a story, claim above " the financial talent breach of our country exceeds 1 million " . Then, be in " cry be short of " in cry, more and more grooming the orgnaization extends antenna again to finance grooms. For example CFA (register financial analyst) , division of program of conduct financial transactions groom the project is with " cross gold to receive train " for inducement, attracted numerous the person that longs for day and night to high pay will attend groom, and finance grooms a after course of study becomes afterwards IT, foreign language to groom very quickly new " pan ground " . And in fact home thinks about the expert, financial industry person with ability is in short supply really, but those who be short of is main have the following 3 kinds of talents: It is those who know informatization and financial business is compound model talent, because of financial business more and more depend on informatization to serve government, and business Wu of the technology of such core and classics because many enterprises do not have a talent and must " outside bag " , not only cost tall and the risk is big also, very easy be enslaved to be enslaved to person; 2 it is business of familiar and of all kinds banking, can design the management handsome appearance of financial product; 3 it is finance handler of senior controller, profession.
To to apply for a job person the individual, did not think to just attend a certain groom, oneself can be become really socially in short supply talent, the enterprise can chase after you to run conversely. The author thinks, be inferior to putting energy in seek a job that oneself are interested in truly, do it work energetically tries hard, still will get cogenter time a few. Of course, groom the class is OK also on, but must choose accurate and applicable. And as groom for the orgnaization, fasten please " of breach say " regard as the gold-lettered signboard that oneself earn money, do well dependably groom persons qualified to teach and quality, real ground gives useful talented person for social education, this ability is road.
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