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Future 5 years 10 big gold job
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New occupation emerges in endlessly, old profession often is very popular more more. The competition of talent market forever intense, how many is meantime has most the profession of all over the body of attention of personage of field getting job, 3000 favorite market? In the near future what does gold profession have? Our gold profession, common says " gold jobs " have the following feature: Contain Troy tall, income perspective of much, development is wide, have the social class that comparative, relative stability, gathered on the body countless colourful admired eye, let numerous profession personage produce a heartbeat to quicken, the chain-reacting such as be jealous greediness. This print passes market research and the analysis of integrated expert, dope in the near future 10 big gold job.

Gold jobs one: Vivid level of teachers and students of program of conduct financial transactions is higher and higher, pocket also more and more beat, but why so much white-collar still is entered not does apply go out? The fund that wants to let you " unripe " money? Think ground of happy have nothing worry about participates in an enterprise to invest? Face more and more individuals, family even the bewilderment of the enterprise, skill of Shi Daxian of program of conduct financial transactions. These " money bag baby-sitter " , " purse secretary " , professional competence jumps over experience of strong, work to jump over Taoist priest to be very popular more; Income is commission not only, perhaps still can press hour collection to seek advice from charge by the project. According to " negotiable securities times " report, in going 6 years, the market increase rate with Chinese economy annual business had been achieved 18% . Contain Troy: Current, the conduct financial transactions of the domain such as our country insurance, banking plans to be in commonly from year of income of personnel of course of study above of 100 thousand yuan of RMBs.

Contain golden index: ◎ of ◎ of ◎ ◎ ◎

Gold jobs 2: Manpower resources division arrives from the human affairs branch previously present manpower resource branch, from offer a service to share company strategy plan to now for the enterprise, since manpower resource makes period of time, duty field attention leads one of highest topics. Social status of expert of manpower endowment source control lasts bullish. Enterprise how better " make gift " " with ability " " accept gift " the key that becomes decision company success or failure, and manpower resources division is this col steer a boat person.

Contain Troy: Authoritative orgnaization investigation shows, home is medium now gap of professional of resource of high labor power is huge, average monthly pay is in the manpower resource chief inspector of big group company 1~2 10 thousand yuan between; The monthly pay such as manager of firewood fulfil manager, invite applications for a job is controlled in 8000 yuan in the main; The compensation water criterion of division of elder manpower resources quotes with yearly salary.
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