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Beijing University gives birth to condition of blame obtain employment to show a
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In Beijing the Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference on 10 5 second conferences, a findings report that state of graduate to Beijing area college obtain employment has municipal Party committee of civilian alliance Beijing caused the attention of representing. Investigate discovery, undergraduate of current Beijing area is not obtain employment condition to show ascendant trend.

Investigation says, face obtain employment pressure, inactive those who answer " gnaw old a group of things with common features " appear sadly, they are a singleton more female, family circumstances is better, parents brings about independent viability fondly low, hard-working drive is not strong, depend on psychology serious. Especially in last few years, growth of college graduate quantity is rapid, obtain employment pressure is increased, there is bigger dependence to feel to the family in obtain employment process, "Etc, lean, should " the thought is more serious.

Investigation returns discovery, obtain employment disequilibrium exists between urban and rural area. Findings makes clear, the graduate of Beijing source of student of 92 % chooses Beijing, the graduate of blame Beijing source of student of 62.4 % chooses Beijing, this is chosen to the talent of Beijing on one hand brought an advantage, also increased competitive pressure on the other hand. Among them, the choice of graduate of Beijing source of student in obtain employment area intent respect, the choice city of 85.3 % 8 areas, the graduate of Beijing source of student of 7 % chooses county of outer suburbs area.

In addition, the obtain employment mode that the undergraduate does poineering work independently is far did not form dimensions, own poineering more keeps the undergraduate in policy to give aid to pay close attention to the level with media, have not form dimensions.

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