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The nine of duty field elder is expostulatory
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In those days, when college graduate dines together, in us a n experienced person of class attend in a advanced studies says one, you arrived after the unit, must place a tail to be an upright person, what suffer finally otherwise is pron yourselves... . A lot of people listened in those days uncomfortable, disapprovingly, now, passed career of old job field, think we are most in those days the person is innocent, arrive from the university working unit, we are changed and absolutely a lot of need learn.
   Expostulatory one: Diligent always does not have a fault
Regard field of a duty as new personality, diligent dot always does not have a fault, most those who abstain from is have grandiose aims but puny abilities lazy. Field of take office of average newlywed person, won't immediately acclimatization, the Na Qin's some faster guidance that can get old stuff more quite, more also meeting gets a few chances.
Remembered a branch coming 3 new personality, among them of a renown school, second-class of the school, 4 shed the school. Of that renown school showing a clever interest, boast boast absurd argument, begin to draw my attention quite, take exercise to him of purpose occasionally, the result comes down to discover the child is not dependable for some time, eloquence is very good, but the trouble that encounters loaded down with trivial details hides with respect to in the future, the biggest mistake is lazy, can write 50 words can write 51 anything but. He is not capacity issue, style of writing is OK still also, and a few new personality had hit boiled water, only he also did not see had hit.
A few hind dropped this child PASS.
Talk about that again second-class of the school, look stupid stupid, discover this child is very assiduous later, got used to an environment very quickly, finally this child also is develop best over us.
   Expostulatory 2: Big company takes exercise, small company grows
Often new personality asks us, I am to go to a big company to go, still go to small company of a developing? My view is: If you are a new personality, suggest you go to a big unit first, a lot of standards and custom can be acquired over, but the constituent structure that because big unit already was formed commonly,secures, it is difficult that new personality thinks upgrade development may be compared (generally speaking) , became a screw possibly finally. After the experience that should accumulate one custom-built support of the people to work in big company, develop the subsection with good the look of things to again, you can obtain the scope that expands up quickly more easily.
My experience is conversely, because this took a few roundabout way. Preexistence a small company, this small company development is splitting, because this was here to carry crossbeam very quickly, but small company works without what custom, business development is rapid, but management of human affairs of flow of business of business overall planning is chaotic. The enterprise recombines later took a big company, the person of former unit cannot suit very much, because human affairs of government of big company business is more intricate,this is on one hand, on the other hand, we had not sufferred normative training, of nature and big company run technological process incommensurate, handling human affairs side, also do not have corresponding experience. Nevertheless, I am a person that likes to observe summary, had suited now, but a few colleagues still are in up to now blame everyone and everything but not oneself.
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