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Most suffer Chinese boss gay 9 old mastery of a skill or technique
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Why is one individual control planted skill depends on his interest, ability and clever degree, also depend on the resource that he can control and the career target that make. But, because economy grows foreground inaccuracy to decide, the skill that masters the career to you to be helped somewhat appears particularly important. It is below most suffer employer gay 9 kinds of skill.

One, the ability that solves a problem

Everyday, we want to solve a few omnibus problems in the life and job. Those can discover the problem, person prices that solve a problem and makes significant make a decision quickly will warm up continuously, seek advice in business already battalion, management, common management, science, medicine and engineering field demand are added suddenly.

2, professional skill

Now, the technology had entered all fields of human activity. Domain of project, communication, car, traffic, aerospace needs to be able to be opposite in great quantities electric power, electron and mechanical equipment have the installation, professional that debug and repairs.

3, communication ability

All companies face the problem that how in-house employee gets along inevitably. The successful very much time of a company depends on staff whether unitive cooperation. Accordingly, official of department of manpower resource director, human affairs and the requirement that run the member that decision-making branch must know job as far as possible give as far as possible inside the range that permit contented.

4, skill of computer process designing

If you can use the method of computer process designing to satisfy the specific need of a certain company, so the opportunity that you win the job will increase greatly. Accordingly, you need to master C, java, HTML, visualBasic, the computer language such as Unix and SQLServer.

5, groom skill

What modern society arises one day to compare archaic society one year with the data that collect goes to is even much. Accordingly, the demand year after year that can coordinate the talented person that has grooming with commercial side in service of education, community, management increases.

6, economy capacity

As the extension of mean life, everybody must careful him examine and verify investment plans in order to assure comfortable life and the source of income after retiring. The occupational demand such as the person that invest the member that agent, negotiable securities trades, emeritus program, accountant also will continue to increase.

7, information government ability

Information is the foundation of system of information age economy, mastering information government ability is for great majority industry must. Systems analysis member, IT member, the database manager and communication engineer talent that masters information government ability will special be very popular.

8, ability of foreign language intercourse
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