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Guilin city is the same as limited company of benefit source trade- - guide the
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Position of invite applications for a job: Guide the member that buy
Workplace: Guangxi Guilin city needs ask for help to count: 4 people
Affirmatory monthly pay: The face views working character: Full-time
Requirement work experience: Year above requirement sexual distinction: Do not be restricted
Want attend school one by one: Do not be restricted to ask the age: Do not be restricted
Specific requirement:
1, give client introduction actively, enthusiasticly, patiently, meticulously the product, had done guide buy the work;
2, do good client to register the job, dog in time client;
3, sign contract of order for goods;
4, after work of the preparation before doing good client to install and installation are finished urge a fund;
5, the sanitation that does good storefront works, do the other work that good leader arranges.

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