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The brigade in Guilin carries company of Cheng international travel---Business a
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Position of invite applications for a job: Business affairs companion swims
Workplace: Guangxi Guilin city needs ask for help to count: 35 people
Affirmatory monthly pay: Property of 3000 yuan of jobs: Full-time / part-time job
Requirement work experience: Sexual distinction of requirement of 0 years of above: Do not be restricted
Want attend school one by one: Age of requirement of junior high school: 18- - 40 years old
Specific requirement:
To satisfy harbor, bay, the requirement of stage travel agent, brigade carries Cheng to be better convenient tourist in, get used to tendency of the day, provide safe, convenient, specializationed service for the tourist, decision of department of classics human affairs guides outstandingly to social invite applications for a job especially buy, business affairs companion swims, private accompany protect, mandarin and personnel of foreign language tourist guide (tourist guide requirement has experience of work of a year of above, can head a group at any time) . Requirement: . Facial features is regular, healthy, mandarin standard, . The mind is open, optimistic and easy, be brave in to challenge high pay, can hard-working, without unhealthy addiction, can be away on official business at any time, once employ signs labor contract namely, bag board and lodging, do not ensure every months under 3000 yuan of lives. Salary that day settle accounts.
Interview notice:  
Him 1. identity document and photocopy a piece
2. Variety of two inches of papers is illuminated reach plane to illuminate each two pieces
3. Working resume and proof of record of formal schooling of above of junior high school or photocopy
Individual data and working property are absolutely and confidential. Apply for a phone: 13544586092 apply for time: 08:30-17:00 contacts: Rain of glad of Hao Guojiang leaf
Brigade carries Cheng in is the beginning of your career, for the dreamy platform that you provide, let you dream to come true truly!

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