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[Lanzhou] the contract that recruit is made advance continuously
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City of Lanzhou of the Gansu Province takes a variety of forms, make reform of system of institution human affairs be advanced continuously. 2006, make the human affairs system that is main content in order to recruit a contract reform the great majority institution that is in whole town to execute.
Town occurrences in human life weaves the case that to whole town the institution pursues appoint to a position to make undertook the branch check statistic generally, belonged to 10 units and 8 counties area to undertake key survey to city. On the foundation of data of comprehensive survey, thorough summary, collect, offerred the opinion that system of institution human affairs reforms, municipal government is seasonable transmit " institution of the Gansu Province executes the contract that recruit to make administrative way " , whole town each unit, implement file provision seriously, pursue the contract that recruit " method " . Current, city belonged to 191 institutions to pursue reform of human affairs system, involve a number 13433 people. Among them 122 executed the contract that recruit to make, already signed the contract that recruit 8546 people, contract rate is amounted to 63.6% ; 555 units executed prefectural area to recruit a contract to make, sign the contract that recruit 17999 people, the contract is led than going up year increased 5.6 percent.
Lanzhou city is made up do to still extend train of thought, active exploration institution makes public the exam with pilot invite applications for a job, participated in city traffic bureau to belong to an institution the public invite applications for a job of 6 position, always ascend prefectural county straight the staff that 280 people join 38 position is additional choose job and the administration that 30 people join execute the law the written examination of squadron personnel choose.

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