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Measure: Is the skunk Or10000 person that you are duty field confused?
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Sorching summer, it is when a batch of new personality are on working station. From the " in the tower of ivory " of one interpose student reachs the office white-collar, the changeover of the identity also makes new personality of " of bird of dish of a lot of " very bemused, do not know how to be handled. Why some graduate just set foot on working station with respect to feel just like a fish in water, suffer elder quite people approbate and still can get assistance, some always feels estrangement however, cannot blend in new group? Expert of program of profession of career of exposed to the sun points out, here has a problem that cannot ignore: Popularity. If you also are " of bird of dish of " of field of a duty, want to know whether oneself are welcome in the office, below this test that refers orgnaization development by profession of career of exposed to the sun can help you measure the popularity index that measures his.

When beginning to become a problem, do not hesitate please, as far as possible the first report answers comply with quickly can, had better have plan branch. Good, begin now:

One, whether do you like to mention or share the conversation about other staff privacy and company hearsay in?

A) often, because a lot of people in the office say.

B) meet occasionally, see oneself busy.

C) all along won't, this kind of matter says less had better.

2, you whether because had not remembered,work in the same place or the name of boss, and doesn't intended escape greet sb?

A) often, think the name that does not have others is too awkward.

B) meet occasionally, the time is not much.

C) all along won't, although cannot remember, the smile nods also is must.

3, you whether because be opposite new company or is the boss goodish or because is actuating pressure too great and complain to others?

A) often, spit for fast.

B) meet occasionally, now and then say to the colleague that be close friends.

C) all along won't. Unless follow family.

4, whether do you always follow age larger staff is close-lipped little sign, talk with contemporary photograph however very joyous?

A) often B) meet occasionally C) all along won't 5, whether do you often say a few words that did not hold, for instance the present and thrasonical can independent job that finish, often need others to help again finally?

A) often B) meet occasionally C) all along won't 6, whether are you willing to attend a company to perhaps work in the same place not quite constituent activity, although attended to also feel interest is not large?

A) often, I enter this kind of activity rarely.

B) meet occasionally, come up against the colleague that oneself do not like for instance.

C) all along won't, I always like to play together with everybody.

7, whether had you once had encounter difficulty to not be willing to be consulted to not quite ripe colleague, work by the feeling bring about make mistake the circumstance of complicity other?
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